Looking for People?

We may already have the person you need.

Let us simplify your job! Executive House has experience in creating custom-fit staffing solutions so you can focus on your core business. We specialize in;

Permanent Placements
Temporary or Contract Work
Mass Hiring and Customized Services

Permanent Placements

  • Our database holds over 16,000 qualified individuals with specialties in technical professions.
  • Candidates presented only after thorough screening.
  • Replacement/credit guarantee
  • Specializing in technical fields such as engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing supervision and production control.

    Temporary Placements

Prior to hiring, we take care of:

  • Search
  • Advertising
  • Interviewing
  • Selection
  • Reference checking
  • Education verification (as required)

After hiring, we take care of:

  • WSIB administration and injury follow-up
  • Liability Insurance
  • Discipline and termination
  • Payroll administration

Mass Hiring and Customized Services
Fast Supply - We maintain a pool of screened, qualified candidates.
Candidate testing to your specifications which can include personality
profiles, mechanical aptitude.
We can do as little or as much of the hiring process as you require.
Candidates available for short or long term, full or part-time.
We fill almost any need for general labour, clerical workers and many types of
skilled labour.
Fees automatically reduced for employees on temporary status for extended
periods or if referred by you
Interested? Please contact us.